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    Marvel transport company was established in 1991 with its primary purpose being the service and transportation of passengers. It has license 0051 of the European Community for international passenger transportation by bus and is one of the first companies in Bulgaria with such authorization.
    Our primary mission is to provide our customers with a competitive advantage by providing high quality transport and our main priority being safety, reliability and comfort.
    For more than 25 years we have proven to be a stable form of transportation based on the Bulgarian and international regulations and requirements, while trying to satisfy the needs and desires of our customers.
    The aim of Marvel is to meet the high quality requirements of transport services. We strive to provide conditions for comfortable and safe journeys to our customers.
    We follow the policy commitment to protecting the environment, concern for the health and safety of our employees and customers.
    A team of experienced, confident and positive drivers with the necessary qualifications and extensive experience in international transportation are tending to our client’s travel enjoyment and convenience.
    We are based in Sofia and specialize in transportation of passengers on the territory of Bulgaria, The European Union and outside of it. The purpose of this type of transport is transportation in a predetermined route by the tour agency to tourist sites and cities with cultural monuments, heritage and sporting events.

We provide:
- Organized transport – specialized transportation for employees from addresses to the workplace and back
- Organized transport of children and students from addresses to school and back
- Organized transport of students
- Organized transport for December 8th – Student day
- Transport tours in Sofia
- Transport trips in Bulgaria
- Transport trips in Europe and abroad
- Transport for companies organizing Team Building for small and large groups
- Transport for companies organizing events – seminars, congresses, conferences
- Transport for business trips
   Our clients are mainly travel agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, ministries, embassies, hotels, theater ensembles.
Years of experience, tradition and high quality vehicles of Marvel transport company are trademark for standard bus and coach transport.
High requirements for maintenance of the fleet and professional qualifications of the staff are guarantees for the quality of services.

Our company is true to the best brands of buses in the industry, and currently carry passengers with the following types of vehicles up to 50+1 seats:

- Vans: Mercedes Vito and Mercedes Sprinter
- Coaches: Neoplan, Noge, Bova

- Wide passenger space
- Comfortable and adjustable seats
- Seat belts on all seats
- Individual passenger lighting
- Air conditioning
- Two TV screens
- Audio – visual equipment
- Refrigerator
- Microphone
- WC
- Mini bar with coffe espresso

    All buses and minibuses meet the latest environmental and technological requirements and the latest European standards for international transport.
    We rely on our highly qualified specialists and our own garage and service facilities. All this helps to minimize downtime of vehicles due to technical failures within and outside the country.
    Constantly maintained high quality and impeccable services are the foundations of our reputation for more than 25 years.
    The excellent conditions and competitive prices that we offer are a prerequisite and guarantee for long-term cooperation, which we maintain with our customers whose requirements for reliability, quality of service and loyalty are the best recommendation for any entrepreneur.
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